About Madison Hawkes

Over the years I have become a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. I am so grateful for all of my past experiences because they have shaped me into the woman that I am today.

Growing up I did not have the luxury of weekly endeavors to the lake with friends and family. In result, the older and more independent I became, the more often I found myself craving the undeniable adventure out in my own back yard of Manitoba, Canada. Here in Manitoba, we experience short, hot summers and long, cold winters; so taking advantage of the summer months is an absolute must.

Along with the tipsy swimming trips (so safe, I know), I have really grown accustomed to hiking as well as camping. Literally anything that will get me out of the city and I’m in.

Exercise has also become a major part of my life – running in particular. Not only has exercise improved my physical appearance, but it has also lessened my day-to-day anxiety immensely.

Arguably the most important lesson learnt has been internal; rather than external. In the past, confidence would never have been a word I would use to describe myself. With saying that, I now find myself filled with more confidence than ever.

In discovering my new found confidence, I no longer have a problem speaking my mind. I’m incredibly sarcastic, I swear a lot, but most importantly, I am me.